I’m Mat Koenig

and I believe you’re only one moment away from a breakthrough in your life.


In this  webinar, I’m going to show you how I used 3 simple secrets to add thousands of dollars per month to my income.

Whether you are:

A busy student looking to create an income while going to school

A parent looking to find a legitimate way to work from home

Someone looking to create a side hustle

A successful entrepreneur looking to add another revenue stream

Someone looking to replace your entire income and FIRE YOUR BOSS!

This webinar will help!

About Me

“No matter where you’re at in your business or your life, your just one moment away.”
After more than 20 years in sales, training and leadership in the automotive industry I recently realized that most of those years were misused by trying to be someone that I wasn’t wired to be. I spent years mastering scripts and techniques that brought success to others, and they brought me financial gain as well, but they didn’t bring me success.
My definition of success is happiness…and that may be different than your definition…and that’s perfectly fine. I truly believe that in order to experience a breakthrough in our lives we must determine what truly drives us. Once we solve that mystery, we can be intentional about making our dreams a reality.

Why me?

Zig Ziglar said “You don’t wait until you stink to take a shower.” The same principles apply to life. You don’t wait until you’re struggling to get help with motivation, accountability and focus. I want to help the right people recognize their passion and make the most out of each moment in their lives.
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  • leadership coaching
  • sales training
  • marketing

Let’s Do Something Amazing Together!